Slever Locator Services Emergency Services Show 2018
2018 emergency services show
Slever Locator Services Presents ESL To Pitch At Palace 2018
2018 emergency services show

2018 Emergency Services Show Hosts Talks on Recent National & International Incidents.

Slever Locator Services will be attending this year’s Emergency Services Show along with Fire, Police and Emergency Services Sector professionals.

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The 2018 Emergency Services Show at the NEC in Birmingham will showcase several new products and host several seminars and workshops on how emergency services in the UK coped with some of the year’s national and international incidents. Among those will be the Liverpool car park fire, Manchester Arena bombing, Thai cave rescue, corrosive attacks and wildfires.

As a product that addresses the Emergency Services sector, and in particular field personnel, it is the location of those first responders and frontline services that Slever Locator Services builds its indoor location tracking and communications service around. The ESL (Emergency Services Locate) wearable sensor, portable mesh network, voice communications and tracking software is suited for all emergency services but has evolved around interests from the UK Fire Authorities as one of the chosen initial testing environments.

These insights into expectations in safety and communications for front line personnel and their whereabouts are fundamental to the ESL project and current development direction. Incorporating voice communications and biometrics, these are just some of the elements, this Northern Ireland founded start up, is taking firm feedback from Fire Authority staff on.

Whilst there are location tracking services that exist in the market, none have managed to operate independently of Wifi, iBeacon or GPS. This is exactly the area that the Slever development team are working on with outstanding breakthroughs in tracking accuracy and mesh network builds. Imagine a world where a first responder in a hazardous situations is tracked independently and with absolute confidence.

Slever Locator Services will be attending the 2018 Emergency Services Show along with Fire, Police and Emergency Services Sector professionals. The event is open to the general public and we will be inviting Procurement Officers and Emergency Services First Responders to meet and discuss ESL (Emergency Services Locate).

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